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1. Foreign Languages Courses Roadmap: (Download File)

2. Credit Requirements: 8 credits (includes the 4 credits from Freshman English)

               i.         Freshman English (Basic or Intermediate English): Year-long course, 4 credits. (Students exempt from takin Freshman English are required to take Sophomore Non-English Foreign Languages credits in its place. Refer to the next section [3] for details regarding exemption criteria.)

              ii.         Sophomore Topics in English: Year-long course, 4 credits

             iii.         Sophomore Non-English Foreign Languages: Year-long course, 4 credits. Students can choose from nine language options including Japanese, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Korean, Vietnamese, Thai, and Indonesian.

3. Freshman English Exemption Criteria: Students who meet any of the following listed requirements are exempt from Freshman English.

               i.         Full score (15) on English language section ofthe General Scholastic Ability Test (GSAT)

              ii.         Scoring in the top 10% of the admitted class on the English Advanced Subjects Test (applicable to majors outside of English). Students majoring in English must score in the top 5% of university students admitted during that academic year. 

             iii.         Having met any of the stipulated levels or scores in the following list of English language certifications programs. To receive an exemption, students must apply in person withapplicable documentation at the Holistic Education Center during the first three working days of the first week of the new academic year.  

(a)   General English Proficiency Test (GEPT): High-Intermediate or above

(b)  Test of English for International Communication (TOEIC): Score of 785 or above

(c)   Cambridge English Language Assessment, Business Language Testing Service (BULATS): ALTE Level 3 or above

(d)  Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL): IPT543 or above; iBT87 or above

(e)   International English Language Testing System (IELTS): Score of 5.5 or above

(f)    Cambridge English Exams (Main Suite): FCE, CAE, and CPE

(g)   College Student English Proficiency Test (CSEPT): Score of 330, Level 2

(h)  Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEF): B2 (vantage or upper intermediate) or above

             iv.         Students who meet the requirements stipulated in 3.i and 3.ii may opt to sign-up for Sophomore Non-English Foreign Languages courses during the pre-registration period. (Signing-up does not guarantee a spot.) Due to limited availability, spots will be distributed at random to interested students by the computer system. Students who not receive a spot will be enrolled in Advanced Freshman English.


4. Registration Requirements

               i.         Placement Levels

(a)   Foreign Languages (Freshman English): Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced

(b)  Foreign Languages (Sophomore Topics in English): Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced

(c)   Foreign Languages (Sophomore Non-English): Basic and Advanced

              ii.         Freshman English Placement Criteria  

(a)   Placement criteria for general students:


Course Name

Admissions Exam

General Scholastic Ability Test (GSAT) Results (test score)

English Advanced Subjects Test Results (ranked by percentile of admitted class)

Advanced English

14 and above

Top 25 percentile

Intermediate English


41-74 percentile

Basic English

11 or below

40 percentile or below


(b)  Overseas Chinese students, mainland Chinese students, international students, non-athletes admitted for sports achievements, and students in the Catholic Studies program: These students are required to take the English Placement Exam during the time and place stipulated in the “New Students Registration Instructions” prior to enrollment. Placement criteria are as follow:


Course Name

English Placement Exam Results

Advanced English or Non-English Foreign Languages


Advanced English


Intermediate English


Basic English

45 and below


                      iii.          Foreign Languages: Sophomore Topics in English
Sophomores can choose these courses during the course selection period (pre-registration, online selection, and add/drop periods). Courses are divided into three levels based on content: basic, intermediate and advanced. Suggestions for the course selection are as follow:


Freshman Course

Suggested Sophomore Course

Advanced English

Advanced Topics in English

Intermediate English

Intermediate Topics in English

Basic English

Basic Topics in English


Foreign Languages: Non-English
Students can choose from nine different language options (Japanese, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Korean, Vietnamese, Thai, and Indonesian). Besides Italian, Thai, and Vietnamese, all courses are offered at the basic and advanced levels. Beginners are recommended to enroll in the basic course. The pre-requisite for the advanced course of a particular language is the basic course.