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General Education seek to accomplish the following goals:

1.     Mitigate the narrowing of knowledge in the advent of specialization by exposing students to a broad base of knowledge and experiences that are relevant across fields. Besides exploring, integrating, and connecting all areas of knowledge, these courses aim to cultivate in students a lifelong love for learning.

2.     Enlighten and nurture conscientious students by teaching them the values of humanity and the importance of reflection. By exploring different cultures, these team-oriented and interactive courses guide students to discover who they are while learning to become conscientious and responsible human beings who are concerned about the environment and fellow mankind.

3.     Expose students to a broad base of knowledge to help them develop a generosity of spirit, critical thinking skills, and well-rounded personalities, ultimately enabling them to lead healthy and happy lives.  

Area Goals & Objectives

1.     Arts and Humanitiescourses inspire students to think critically while cultivating in them a positive outlook, sense of aesthetics, and an appreciation for beauty and the humanities. These courses help students find meaning and value in life.  

2.     Natural Science and Technologycourses help students understand how scientific and technological advances contribute to the development of civilization while providing them training in the scientific method and discussing related topics in ethics. These courses in science education also emphasize harmonious relationships between man and nature.

3.     Social Sciencescourses stresses the cultivation of ethical and moral values as well as a concern for society. Students investigate current social issues and learn the importance of participation as well as how to coexist harmoniously with different cultures and peoples.   

Historical and Cultural Studies courses aim to help students understand topics in history, culture, homeland, nationality and the world while cultivating in them historical consciousness and historical thinking. Through course discussions on history (world history, Chinese history, Taiwan history) and culture (cultural development, culture and life), students are able to broaden their perspectives about these subjects as well as their view of the world.

 General Education: 12 credits

               i.         Arts and Humanities: 4 credits

              ii.         Natural Science and Technology: 4 credits

            iii.         Social Sciences: 4 credits

The Holistic Education Curriculum consists of these total of 32 credits, which is also the minimum credits required.

Note: For two-year technical departments, the required credits of the Holistic Education Curriculum for is 16 credits minimum. The number of credits required in each of the required categories listed above shall be no less than one-half of the aforementioned requirements.